social media

What is social media?

Social media may be referred to as a series of applications and websites enabling their users to share different types of content in real time efficiently and quickly. Majority of the people these days think of social media as the applications running on their tablets or phones. But as a matter of fact, this tool of communication started off with computers.

The capability to share pictures, videos, events and opinions in real time has managed to completely transform our lives into digital dependence. We are now living a life completely different from what it used to be about 10 years ago.

What are the benefits of social media?

Social media is associated with a number of benefits:

  1. Connectivity with people residing in different parts of the world
  2. Instant, user friendly communication
  3. Real time information and news sharing
  4. Incredible business opportunities
  5. Promotion of events
  6. General enjoyment

How can it help me?

Social media can help you out in a number of ways. By making a few taps on your smartphone, we expose ourselves to several benefits.

Communication with friends and family

Social media websites make it easy for you to communicate with your friends and family members instantly. This communication is possible regardless of how far the other person is. With the introduction of live video calls, social media has become one of the strongest communication tools available online.

Find jobs

Using social media websites, you may find a job that involves something you are passionate about.  More than 90% of recruiters use social media sites to hire their candidates

Expansion of business

Using social media, you may promote and expand your business beyond limits. There are billions of people using different types of social media sites. The market is virtually limitless when you are on social media.

Sharing and spreading positivity

Social media is a great platform to share and spread positivity. It is fascinating to learn how little acts of support and kindness really turn things around for some people and social media makes that possible.

Promotion of a social event

Every one of us is on social media these days. Getting the word out has become very easy in comparison to the past. This ease may be utilized for the promotion of all kinds of messages as well as events like social gatherings, charities, fundraisers and food drives.

Top social media statistics

Facebook statistics

  • Facebook has a total of more than 1.65 billion users, 1.09 billion of those use Facebook on a daily basis.
  • The number of mobile users is more than 1.51 billion, 989 million among those are usually active everyday
  • 64 percent of the American population is on Facebook
  • An average user on Facebook has about 155 friends
  • More than 8 billion views are generated on different videos played on Facebook

Twitter statistics

  • Twitter has a total of more than 310 million users that stay active on a monthly basis
  • 83 percent of the total users connect through mobile devices
  • More than 6000 tweets are posted every second
  • In 2015, twitter users shared more than 100 million GIFs
  • More than 86 percent of the users claim to use twitter for different types of news

Social media has revolutionized our way of communicating with others. It has enabled different members of the society to be in each other’s lives all the time. If used right, social media has the power to turn your entire life around for you.