Our Approach

To advise and educate Houston small businesses or entrepreneurs on why hiring an expert is so important. You have enough on your plate, focus on what you do best and let us take care of the rest. We learned early on that listening and asking probing questions is one of the most effective ways to truly help someone.

Frank Medina’s Story

He had trouble finding an expert on how to market his business so decided to learn SEO, Marketing, Branding, Advertising and Social Media on his own. In addition to being self taught, he also has a degree in business and marketing. Frank Medina helps protect what business owners value most, having a successful business. Did you know, Frank started his first business at the age of 28.

Frank took a risk and left a stable job to pursue his dream of working for himself. He has helped thousands of customers throughout the years. Nothing is more satisfying to him then filling a need with a solution.

Many marketing professionals believe that he built his reputation by being honest and knowledgeable. A lot of people believe marketing is overrated. However, it is Frank’s mission to help explain the importance on how to effectively market your company or product  and how his strategies can benefit you when used correctly.